Hot Stuff-Party – Just say know

Since decades we know that it´s better to say  know than to say No. Even if your industrial, religious and political leaders don´t want that you detect that your life is influenced by their demagogy and agitation because they want to press out your strength, your welfare, your prosperity to enrich their own strength – so decide what YOU want.

This is the main message of Hotstuff-Party!

If you decide that your brain and heart – even your soul – is a unique happening of eternal forces, that your personality is unique and no one has the right to press it´s life juice out of it, than you might be interested in alternative and modern scenarios of a democratic society.

Just say know is based upon the statements of one of the most critical philosophers of the rising Millenium – Timothy Leary. May his ashes reach other galaxies on his last trip to the origin of mankind. Al least, for me his literature has been one of the most critical challenges in my life. It influenced my mental settings deeply and from this time on, I can´t  stop thinking about, what makes me thinking and feeling, which forces try to influence my way of interpretating this short period of beeing here on earth. Where do I come from – where will I go?!Is there a final destination to reach?


If you´re interested in these themes, please have a look on the statement of a german Cybernaut which you can find here: